Fishing Report 3-10-16

Not much ice this year so the boat is going in early.  Maybe by the 1st week of April.  Not much ice this year so I hear the frost bite fishermen have been doing well with the salmon all winter.  Looking forward to another great season of salmon, lakers, brown trout, steelhead and walleyes.  Has been some great fishing the past years.  Lamprey are under better control which means better fishing.  Give me a call for a charter and experience some great Lake Champlain spring fishing.

Hot Lure Report 6-22-16

In the early spring I like to start out running one line right on the surface with a small stick bait.  Run a sinker 4 feet in front to catch any garbage.  Stack my downriggers from 3 feet feet to 15.  Like to run Speedy Shiners with orange stripe on a couple & some stingers in different colors.


Fishing Report 6-18-13

Just finished a solid week of fishing almost everyday.  The salmon fishing has been spotty but we’ve been catching some nice ones and even a brown trout on occasion.  The laker fishing has been great with some huge lake trout caught during the Champlain fishing derby.  A 16 and 17 pound fish were caught and lots of 12 and 13 pounders mixed in.  The lakers are set up on the bottom in all their spots and hitting anything that goes by.  We cleaned one that had 10 alewife in its stomach.  Come on up to Champlain and do some fishing.  You may catch the biggest fish of your life. 

Fishing Report 5-23-13

Fish are really starting to bite with the water warming up.  Just spent 3 days on the lake and caught some beautiful salmon.  Tuesday afternoon we couldn’t keep the rods in the water.  Salmon were are the bite big time and we boated some nice ones.  Nice perch are already moving into the Marina and we caught a nice batch for dinner.  The action is going to get better everyday.

Fishing Report 5-1-13

Just spent several days on the lake fishing and the fishing is really starting to take off.  We caught some really nice salmon and a nice Brown trout.  This warm weather is going to start to warm up the main lake and then get ready for some big time action.  I plan on being there.  Book a trip with us and you’ll be in for some of the best fishing of the year.



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