Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 7/20/10

Caught our biggest laker to date on a charter Sunday. Fish was 33 inches and 15 pounds, what a hog. Client was so excited he said he was going to sleep with it that night. Had great charters last week with some big fish. Our biggest on Monday was a 12 pound pig that worked hard to stay on the bottom. We ended up with 18 lakers on that charter but we had to work hard for them as we had a tough 15 mph south wind. Found the Champion rapala in glow tiger green was the hot lure yesterday. Couldn’t keep the fish off it. We also caught a 12 foot fishing pole off the bottom with a spinning reel. Saw it coming up on the sonar and thought we had Champ. Never know what your going to pull up from the bottom. I’ll get this giant fish posted later today. Check it out. Champlain lakers are growing fast.


Lake Champlain Fishing Charters for Salmon & Trout & Walleye. Captain Bill Birch, an avid hunter & fisherman has 20 years experience Fishing Lake Champlain. We offer fishing for Salmon & Trout out of Charlotte, VT.

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