Weekly Fishing Report

Fishing Report 3-10-16

Not much ice this year so the boat is going in early.  Maybe by the 1st week of April.  Not much ice this year so I hear the frost bite fishermen have been doing well with the salmon all winter.  Looking forward to another great season of salmon, lakers, brown trout, steelhead and walleyes.  Has been some great fishing the past years.  Lamprey are under better control which means better fishing.  Give me a call for a charter and experience some great Lake Champlain spring fishing.

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 8/22/10

Fishing for lake trout is getting a little tougher as the water is the same surface temp., 68 degrees all the way to 82 feet of water. This has moved the lakers off the top of the refs and onto the sides which makes it a little tougher to catch them. We did find some good water on yesterdays afternoon charter where the lakers were still at their 92 feet range and we picked up some nice ones.

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 8-7-10

Fishing is still very good. Nice salmon, browns, steelhead and lots of lakers are still on the feed. Salmon are down around 65ft with the browns and steelhead above them in a little warmer water. Best year I’ve seen in a while for the salmonoids to still be around and catchable.
Just got back from a great few days of fishing. Weather was beautiful with a nice breeze and the fish are still hungry. Can’t wait to get back on the lake.

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 8-5-10

Laker fishing is still very hot with the big ones reallly showing up the past month. The Champlain Laker record has been broken for the 3rd time yesterday. A lucky fisherman boated a laker that weighed 18.96 pounds and was 33 3/4 inches long with a girth of 23 inches. Check out my fishing photos for the picture. Huge fish. I’m sure someone will catch a 20 pound lake trout this year and I hope its one of my customers.

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 7-28-10

Hi Fishermen.
Weather has been hot and so is the fishing. Lakers are still biting like they haven’t eaten in days. Green glow bellys have been pounding them on the last trips. Seems they work the best on those real sunny days. To Bad Luhr Jensen stopped making them. Sure wish they would start making them again as our supply of green is running low. Best laker lure we’ve ever found. We did 12 nice lakers in a couple hours and missed another 6. This may be the year we catch a 20 pounder. We setup for salmon at midday which isn’t usually good salmon fishing and managed to catch a nice 20 inch. I’m offering a $50 DISCOUNT to the next 2 customers to book a 6 hour charter with me. Come to Lake Champlain for some great fishing.

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