Weekly Fishing Report

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 7/20/10

Caught our biggest laker to date on a charter Sunday. Fish was 33 inches and 15 pounds, what a hog. Client was so excited he said he was going to sleep with it that night. Had great charters last week with some big fish. Our biggest on Monday was a 12 pound pig that worked hard to stay on the bottom. We ended up with 18 lakers on that charter but we had to work hard for them as we had a tough 15 mph south wind. Found the Champion rapala in glow tiger green was the hot lure yesterday. Couldn’t keep the fish off it. We also caught a 12 foot fishing pole off the bottom with a spinning reel. Saw it coming up on the sonar and thought we had Champ. Never know what your going to pull up from the bottom. I’ll get this giant fish posted later today. Check it out. Champlain lakers are growing fast.

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 7-10-10

Just finished several charters this week during the most intense heat I can remember. Temperature hit 100 in Charlotte, Vt. Lakers are still biting at the 80 to 90 foot level on the Glow Bellys. Caught some beauties on yesterdays charter. Lake trout 32inches and 13lbs 3 oz. We had a double charter as there were 9 customers so I had Captain Obe White helping out with his boat. They also caught a 13lb 2oz laker on his boat. Lakers are growing like pigs. Was a rough ride yesterday with a 25 mph South wind but we got it done. Woke the lakers up a little. We also caught one around 7 lbs that had 8 feet of line hooked to ice fishing hooks. Our lure was caught in the line hanging out of the lakers mouth and we dragged him in by the tail. Salmon shut off in the heat but they will turn back on when the temp drops back to normal. South wind was pushing up the cold water from the bottom. I will post pictures of the big laker later in the week.

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 7-4-10

Fished Champlain the past few days and the salmon bite was a little slower but we still managed to hook some big fish.  My son, Ben hooked into a 5lb Brown Trout and after a great battle we boated him.  Removed the lamprey, took a picture and returned him to the lake.  59 degree water on the NY side has sunk to 50 feet.  We were catching fish at 22 feet.  I heard some guys on the radio catching them down to 70 feet.  Salmon were feeding on smelt in the colder water.    Check out my fishing pictures for a picture of the nice brown trout.  Headed back up Wednesday for several charters.

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 7-1-10

Bigger salmon are showing up with a friend catching a nice 7 1/2 lb salmon.  Has been a great year for fishing, one of the best in the last 10 years.  Lakers can be found in large numbers and catching them is fairly easy with the right equipment and lures.  Salmon have dropped down to the 35 to 40 foot range.  Looks like a great weekend coming up with low wind and high pressure.  If you want to catch some great fish hook the boat on the truck and head for Champlain.

Weekly Fishing Report 6-23-10

Fished from 6/17/10 straight though to 6/21. Did a charter on Friday with 2 other charter boats as we had 13 people. What a day of fishing. While we were waiting for our clients we trolled out in the bay and in 30 mintues caught a brown around 5 lbs. and a salmon around 4 lbs. Between the 3 charter boats we caught 90 lakers. All but a couple were returned to the water. We had an 8 year old on our boat and he caught his biggest fish ever. A 32 1/2 inch laker that must of weighted around 13 or 14 lbs. I didn’t think he would reel it in but he did. Saturday was the start of the Lake Champlain fishing derby and we never miss it. Started out slow as we went south where the fish had been biting a week before but it was slow and then the wind began to blow 20 out of the south. We decided to go in around 11am and take a break and fish for bowfin off the dock. While the boat was sitting in the slip all the electronics stopped working on the control panel. Worked on it all afternoon and couldn’t fix. Finally hot wired and went back out fishing. Salmon bite disappeared so we went back after lakers. Boated some good ones but nothing to complete with a fellow charter captain, cloud 9 charters who boated a 16.77 lb laker. We charted together on Friday. Fish was a new Champlain and LCI record and I think they won over $40,000. Could have been us. We had a great time with one of the grandkids hooking a fresh water eel on the dock and also a big Northern Pink.

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