Weekly Fishing Report

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 6-13-10

Getting ready for the big Lake Champlain Fishing Derby this coming weekend. I’ll be on the lake for several days looking for big fish before the Saturday start. Last year a 16 pound laker took the big prize. Several 15 pounders were caught during the Rotary derby a couple weeks ago. Water temps are rising and the fish are dropping deeper. 30 to 40 feet is the range right now. 64 degrees on the surface. I’ll drag bottom for those big lakers with a green glow belly. We’ll run stingers and speedy shiners for the salmon. Thrown on a few Harry’s on the sliders.

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 5-23-10

The bite is on folks. If you like to catch Atlantic salmon then now is the time to head for Champlain. We fished from Friday at 3pm to Sunday around noon and caught 27 salmon and a few lakers. We caught many salmon between 20 and 22 inches with one 23 inches. I don’t know how much they weighed as we put them all back accept for a few small ones for the smoker. These salmon are prime and will test your tackle with jumps and then dig down and rip off your drag til it smokes. They are nothing but power. Heard of one fishermen that boated one almost 8 pounds. Speedy shiners are the ticket. The trick is the right color tape. Book a charter with me and I’ll show you a few of my hot spots.

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 5-10-10

We have had a rough week of weather with high winds and a cold front dropping temperatures down into the 20s. Nothing worst then cold fronts to shut the fish off. When the warm weather hits this weekend the fishing will take off again. Cold nights have dropped the water temperatures back down.

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 5-3-10

We had a great weekend with the laker action hot in selected spots. We only fished half days each day and did a total of 20 lakers and 1 salmon. Water temperature is warming up fast and the salmon action is going to take off any day. Water was stained in any bays with streams from the snow runoff hurting the salmon fishing. Should clear out in the next few days. Did hear of one lucky fisherman with an 8 pound salmon. Lamprey hits are still very high on all the fish we’re catching.

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 4-28-10

The action is really starting to take off with the Salmon & Lakers putting on the feed bag. Check out the picture I just posted of lakers & salmon we caught this past weekend. The fishing was hot if you know where to go. Fish are only biting in selected spots. Anything we some green to match the baitfish. Put it down there 6 or 10 feet and only fish in 12 to 15 feet of water.

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