Weekly Fishing Report

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report 4/17/10

The best fishing of the year for salmon,browns and lakers is taking off on Champlain.  Fish are moving into the skinny water following the bait and now is the time to get them with planner boards, flat lines and downriggers run down only to around 6 feet.  Book a charter with me from now into mid june and experience some of the best fishing of the year.  The fish are real hungry as the water starts to warm up into the mid forties.  Even in this colder weather the fish are still active.  Most fishermen don’t like to deal with air temperatures in the 30s and 40s and it is tough in an open boat.  My 25′ Thompson is completly closed in to keep you out of the cold air and comfortable.  Get your buddies together and give me a call for some Atlantic salmon fishing.  They are just like hooking into a lightning bolt on the light tackle we use.  When you hook into a 10 pound laker on the light action rods you will have more full then you’ve ever had catching fish.

March 30 Lake Champlain Fishing Report

Water temperature is still pretty cold. In the mouths of some of the big rivers it has hit 41 but the main lake is still in the mid 30’s. Most of the fish being caught seem to be around the river mouths which make sense as they love that warm spring water as that is where the bait is. Mouths of the rivers in the lake are also full of logs, brush and whatever else gets picked up by the river. Weather is suppose to warm up into the high 60s this week and that could turn the salmon on in the skinny water.
Good Luck
Capt. Birch

Weekly Lake Champlain Fishing Report March 21, 2010

Water is warming up and the lakers are starting to bite on the surface.  Skinny water around the mouths of the major rivers seems to be the best spots.  Few salmon here and there.  I heard on a 7 pounder a couple weeks ago.  Small 3″ stickbaits seem to be working the best trolled at 100 feet just under the surface.  Beware of all the trash in the water.  Logs on the surface and sometimes just under the surface can do a job on your boat & motor.

Good Luck

Captain Bill Birch

Fishing Action

Looks like an early spring on Champlain as many of the bays are already open or never froze this winter.  Some of the fishermen are already on the main lake where it is slow but their picking up a few.  Water is still very cold with a high of 36 in some of the shallow bays.  This is where long lines seem to work the best.  Run a flat line back 125 feet and lines on your downriggers down about 2 to 4 feet, back 75 feet.  Small stickbaits and 3″ metal lures.

Champlain Fishing March 8, 2010

Lake Champlain Frost Bite Fleet is back on the water as some of the boat launches are clear of ice.  Water temperature is in the 34 to 36 degree range.  Still pretty cold but the salmon and lakers still eat once in a while.

Some fishermen are catching salmon in the 20 inch range and lakers around 5 pounds.  Top 10 feet of water seems to be where the action is.

In another 3 or 4 weeks the action should really start heating up.  Head for the shallows and get into that skinny water 6 to 12 feet where the water is warmer.  The salmon will be moving into the shallows following the bait fish.

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