Fishing Report 4-22-13

Even with the wind blowing pretty hard and the temp., a little cool we managed to boat 12 salmon on Saturday.  Warmest water temp., we could find was 44 degrees in a sheltered bay and that’s where the salmon were hanging out.  Could only fish a couple hours Sunday and with better weather all the fishermen were out and there was to much traffic in the bay to fish.  We managed to boat 1 nice salmon.  Lakers will be showing up soon with the water temp., warmer up a little more and moving out into the deeper parts of the lake.

4-16-13 Fishing Report

Salmon are moving into the shallows as the water warms up.  Some great fishing to be found right now with the predators following the spawning bait into the shallows.  Catching some really nice salmon.  Lake trout won’t be far behind.  Still finding lakers at 70 to 80 feet.  I like to troll some Harry lures that I painted white 75 to 125 feet behind the ball down at 5 to 12 feet.  Run some flat lines behind the boat or planner boards.  Get right into the shallows where you think you might knock the prop off.  Book a charter right now and you’ll have some eye popping and rod burning action.  Tight lines to everyone.

Fishing Report 4-1-13

Spring fishing is starting to heat up already with some beautiful salmon being caught.  You have to find the warm water pockets.  All it takes is a couple degrees warmer and that’s where you’re find the salmon.  5 to 15 feet deep.

Fishing Reports 2-27-13

Planning on an early start to the season as there is much ice in front of the Marina which means the main lake probably isn’t frozen.  Some of the frost bite fleet have been out fishing on and off this winter with some great catches of salmon.  They boated a 28 inch salmon a few weeks ago.  Book your charter early for some great surface fishing.

Fishing Reports 2-17-13

Looking forward to a great season of fishing.  Not a lot of ice of the bay in front of the marina so I’m hoping for an early start.  Salmon love to follow the smelt up into the shallow bays where the smelt are spawning and the water is a little warmer.  Book a trip in later May for some great salmon fishing.  We’ve caught some nice ones the last few seasons.  They seem to get bigger every year.

Champlain Fishing Reports