Fish Report 6-24-11

Salmon fishing has been great.  On our last charter with some folks from Maine we boated our biggest salmon ever.  A 27 inch 7lb. 10 oz monster.  We would have let it go but they are having it mounted.  What a battle.  Last weekend during the annual Lake Champlain Fishing derby a women broke the LCI salmon record with a 11 lb 10 oz fish and many 6 to 9 pounders were caught.  The salmon fishing is really hot this year.  Check out the pictures of that 27 inch salmon in my photos.

Fishing Report 6-11-11

Just got back from 3 days of fishing on Champlain.  On the Tony Wheelock charter yesterday, Sam caught the biggest salmon we’ve ever boated.  27 inches and 7 lbs. 10 oz.  What a beautiful salmon and what a battle.  Sam battled like a fishing pro taking around 10 minutes to get it into the boat.  My 1st mate, my son Ben did a great job coaching her during the battle to finally get it into the boat.  We had a great 3 days of fishing catching over 30 salmon and I lost track of the number of lakers.  Boated several salmon around 5 pounds.  I will post some pictures shortly.  Headed back up in a few days for the annual Lake Champlain Fishing Derby that start June 18th for 3 days.  We have to miss the first day due to my Grandson’s graduation but will hammer the fish hard Sunday & Monday.  Hope to win one of the $30,000 prizes.  Fishing has been great this spring.

Fishing Report 6-7-11

If you like to catch Atlantic Salmon, book a trip with me in the next couple weeks as the salmon fishing has been great.  We’ve had record high water in Champlain this year with dirty water, logs and brush but we’re still catching great numbers of fish.  Lake is clearing up this weed and the fishing is going to get better.  Brown trout and steelhead 6 pounds & bigger are also being caught.  We haven’t started targeting the lake trout yet but expect this year someone will catch a 20 pounder.

Fishing Report 6-5-11

Salmon fishing has been great.  Surface water temps., are around 57 which is what the salmon like.  We’re catching nice salmon from 5 to 20 feet down on the riggers.  Yesterday we did 10 for 18.  Missed a beauty right at the end of the trip.  Friend of mine reeled in a nice 5 1/2 lb steelhead right beside us.

If your thinking about a charter do it now as this is the best fishing of the year.

Turkey Scouting 4-3-11

April is the time to start scouting for Toms. When March rolls around the Tom Turkey is already starting to strut and following the hens. When there is still a little snow on the ground I start looking for pockets of turkeys. Wherever they were the year before they always seem to reappear in the spring. Riding the back roads and looking for turkey tracks will help give you a clue where the birds are located. Once you find some birds get permission from the landowner and head into the woods. Backtrack the turkeys to their roosting areas. Avoid putting any pressure on the turkeys, as it will make it that much more difficult to hunt them in May. Absolutely, do not call to the toms! You only get a few chances to fool that wise old tom so don’t screw it up by giving him advance notice that those sweet notes are yours and not a hens. When there is snow on the ground the turkeys will be concentrated in areas where there is food and cover. This may be at someone’s bird feeder or in a farmer’s field where he is spreading mature. When the snow melts and spring plants start popping up turkeys will start to disperse. The big winter flocks of hens start breaking up into smaller groups. Soon most of the hens are traveling alone, looking for nesting sites and getting ready to raise their spring family.

Now is the time that the Toms start dispersing and looking to establish an area where he has access to lots of hens. Toms will travel for many miles looking to establish their own area. I’ve seen Toms mating with hens in late March so Mr. Tom Turkey is really picking up the pace now. He is gobbling actively and this gives you an opportunity to locate his travel routes. I try to find 5 or 6 different locations with active Toms. This way, when you get to your favorite location on opening morning and there is another hunter already hunting, don’t barge in on him and spoil both your hunts. He was there first, back off and go to your second choice. Sportsmanship in turkey hunting is more important than any of our hunting sports. Respect your fellow turkey hunter and everyone will be safer and enjoy the great sport of turkey hunting.

I’m looking forward to those cool mornings, warm mid-morning sun, gobbling turkeys and a nice nap under the trees when things are quiet.

Champlain Fishing Reports