Turkey Hunt Gear

What you need for your Turkey Hunt

12 Ga. with 3 or 3 ½ inch Magnum turkey loads. Buffered #5 or #6.

Camouflage gun, sock for the gun or some camouflage tape on the bright parts

Turkeys have the vision of an eagle and the nervousness of a 10-point ridge runner.

Suggested clothes

* Full camouflage coat and pants
* Camouflage mask
* Camouflage gloves
* Camouflage Hat
* Comfortable waterproof boots for hiking.
* Extra pair of light socks.
* Pack to carry extra clothes, snack, box drink.

* You will want to have some extra shirts and maybe a warm hat to wear to keep you warm while we’re sitting up against a tree waiting for that Tom to stick his head up over the hill. Nothing worse then having that old Tom eyeballing you from 50 yards while you’re sitting there freezing. When we start moving again we’ll take off the warm stuff and put it in the pack.

· Rain Gear.

· Camouflage seat

Hunters will need the following:

· Hunting license with turkey tags, Contact Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department

· If hunting Youth Weekend special (free) youth turkey hunting tag in addition to above license.

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